Empowered Womanhood is a movement of Anima Mundi Institute (AMI).

AMI offers courses and in-person retreats which promote feminine empowerment and personal growth.

Law Of Devotion helps women from all over the world to find and cultivate their relationship with Mr. Right.

Here at AMI we believe in:

  • faith and hope as the essence of the universe
  • taking responsibility for your reality
  • learning to live in the present moment
  • learning to respect and appreciate nature
  • awakening and healing the core feminine and core masculine
  • letting go of judgement of others and self judgement
  • aligning speech, mind and body
  • and learning to live from the heart.

One can choose a path of self-discovery and renewal and experience a progressive sequence of courses and retreats to immerse into these principles.

Anima Mundi Institute’s mission is to facilitate the shift from living in struggle, stress and suffering into living in ecstatic wildness and wisdom connected to the soul of the world — Anima Mundi.

We fulfill this mission through offering online and offline courses, Magntic Woman retreats and certificate programs in the area of personal development and visionary leadership.



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