March 8 - 13, 2019 East Coast
Unleash The Power Of Your Natural Feminine Magnetism and
Become Magnetic To High Quality Partners and Financial Success!
3 Life Changing Days In Nature With #1 Master Love Coach Luba Evans

  • Retreat into the cradle of the forest to reconnect to your deepest feminine self ...
  • Let go of the past, reclaim your power and get your grove on with Luba's life changing transformational practices
  • Enjoy the mind altering massage from the loving hands of our masseuse extraordinaire.
  • Receive famous Russian plaza detox treatment in the cedar aromatic sauna
  • Indulge in the French Cuisine, Mayan Chocolate and the Exotic Japanese Flower Teas  (Ah, the Delights of Galiana!) 
Come out in your Full Glory -
powerful, juicy, inspired, and .... irresistibly Magnetic!

Imagine bringing all your love-related worries onto the table and FINALLY getting it all straightened out!  

Perhaps you’ve been feeling…..

  •  Stuck and unsure where you love life is going? No worries, we’ll hash it out! 
  • Can’t seem to figure out if you should stay in your current relationship? Happy to help – we’ve got you covered! 
  • Having troubles feeling sexy or attractive? Not a problem – we have secret practices for you! 
  •  Not sure how to meet the right guy? Let us count the ways…

So why should YOU join us?

  • When was the last time you took time to just relax and enjoy life to the fullest?
  • When was the last time you felt truly vibrant, sexy, and irresistible?
  • When was the last time you joined a group of warm vibrant women who are there to support you, elevate you and admire your beauty?

When was the last time you hit the "ME" button?

Can you even remember? Maybe never?

If not, you are not alone.

Your days are a blur of go, go, go,

Don't you think it's time for that to change?

We do!

Magnetic Woman Retreat 
is the opportunity that you were waiting for!

It is your opportunity to join the exclusive circle of powerful women who are taking the world by storm. 

We are the women who are ready to unlock the power of Feminine Magic and 

Magnetism to manifest a perfect relationship and perfect career or business.

Now is your chance to join us while treating yourself to 3 sumptuous days filled with 

feminine practices, therapeutic counseling, support and massage...everything

you need to unwind and come out rejuvenated, refreshed, and with 

a renewed enthusiasm for life and love!

Magnetic Woman Retreat™ Benefits:
  • Clear your love blueprint and attract a high quality equal partner, somebody you can have fun with and grow with, who will love and support you in all aspects of your life.
  • How to feel worthy of love exactly the way you are no matter how old you are, how much you weight or how you look.
  • How to feel and show up as a woman of high value in all of your relationships: romance, family, finances.
  • How to acquire positive and loving body image, feel comfortable, sexy and delicious in your skin.
  • Increase your feminine allure: speak, walk and dress in a captivating feminine way
  • How to unlock your imagination making your mind free and playful, which allows you to flirt naturally! 
  • How to communicate your value in bed, which will immediately make you virtually irresistible and unforgettable.
  • How to deal with unpleasant conversations and feelings, including rejection, and not to take them personally, which will make you unstoppable.
Magnetic Woman Retreat™ Methods: 
I Am My Own Dream Girl
Law Of Devotion™ 
Triple Spark Activation

You will learn I Am My Own Dream Girl™ - Luba's secret method to clear your Love Blueprint.

It helps women strain less and live more, focusing on what is important and letting go of the unnecessary self-criticism and negative patterns.

You will also learn the Law Of Devotion™ - Luba's award winning method, which has helped thousands of women find new love or improve current relationship. 

The famous "Don't Sweat It" process that many women swear by, will teach you how to be in your feminine and draw things in instead of being in your masculine and forcing things to happen.

 Triple Spark Meditation™ will ... enable you to activate sexual energy at will to fuel your desires and feel sexy at all times.

Lose Inches with our legendary optional "3 Day Raw Food Cleanse".

You will have an option to enjoy a deep cleanse of whole foods in generous quantities that can not only help you drop up to 2 sizes in just a few days (without feeling starved or deprived) but will leave you feeling sexy, vibrant, and energized.

Your skin will glow, your body will become a conduit for loving and natural connections with current or future partners. In fact, they will find your newfound radiance absolutely irresistible.

Imagine Feeling Like This....

Any fear or indecision that plagued you in the past
will melt away as you face the future with a 
newfound sense of calm knowing that you are now a MAGNETIC Woman.

And if you have been struggling to attract the masculine,
worry no more because after this retreat 
you will become MAGNETIC like an exotic flower to the bees.

And you'll do it all while basking in the company of an 

exclusive small group of other successful, vibrant, like-minded

women and potential life-long friends!

There should not be ANY woman who is reading this page who is not clicking on the "Me" button right now.


The Magnetic Woman Retreat is located at the Galiana Retreat Center in New Lebanon, NY. 

It is about 1.5 hours away from Boston, 1 hour from Albany, and 2.5 hours from NYC.

Please let us know if you need a ride to/from the Retreat and we will assist you in finding a rideshare.

  • We will be sending you a detailed list and schedule of activities at the Retreat before you arrive. Please look over it carefully and understand that all activities are optional.
  • We will also be sending you an initial survey before the retreat, in it please let us know if you have any concerns (triggers, etc.) relating to the content of the Retreat so that we can accommodate you accordingly.
  • We highly recommend that you participate in our 3 Day Raw Food Cleanse, although it is optional. The cleanse will realign and restore your mental and psychic energies in a way that will be very beneficial for the activities of the retreat.
* Please NOTE that there is no refund for the fee of this retreat.